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Bearden-Josey Women's Cycling Team


                                 Becky Anhari  *  Joann Boykin  *  Jennifer Britanisky  *  Reynalda Christopher   

                                           Kristy Hames  *  Sandy Holliday  *  Laura Humphrey, Co-Manager

                                   Suzanne Keim  *  Marla Kuhne  *  Sophie Morand, Treasurer  *  Tanya Nagy

                                              Jeri Richardson  *  Juli Rivers  *  Lisa Rodman  *  Karen Rowe

                                Sheryl Turner-Watts, Secretary  *  Cheri Tutterow, Manager  *  Jennifer Weaver

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    Cheri Tutterow began running as a hobby. After a back injury and surgery, she took up cycling as her way to stay healthy and active. Fourteen years later, she is just as avid about this sport as when she began! A precious new grandson make it tough to fit in miles these days, but she takes what she can get, averaging 120 miles per week, mostly with her husband by her side or pulling her!

    Cheri joined the women’s team in 2015 and enjoys helping other women get involved in exercise, whether it be on two wheels or two feet. She usually rides three times a week for Bearden-Josey and looks forward to socializing with other ladies in our community about their health and fitness.

    Her accomplishments include riding in the Assault on Mt Mitchell three times, the Silver Comet Trail in GA (124 miles in one day), and various charity rides every year. She is an active member on the Freewheelers board and is strongly involved in cycling safety.


    Cheri Tutterow

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    Kristy began mountain biking in 2013 with her husband but spent about a year off the bike after a bad crash that resulted in a major back injury. Since getting back on the bike, she has completed the Assault on the Carolinas twice and the Assault on Marion. She primarily mountain bikes in the Southern Classic Series, competing in South Carolina, North Carolina, and Virginia. She has competed in the USA Cycling National Championships twice for the cross country and enduro racing categories. She serves on the Spartanburg Area Mountain Bike Association board (SAMBA) and leads rides for their members. She helps organize the annual Stump Jump XC race, held at Croft State Park in June. She is a nurse and enjoys getting people on bikes!

    Kristy Hames

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    Sophie grew up in France where her bike was her main transportation. She moved to the States in 1997 with her husband. She returned to an active life after having/raising her two boys. She started bootcamp in 2014 with a local church group where she met her workout buddy. They started running together, then biking and decided why not try a triathlon. It was in 2015. Biking is her favorite sport and Sophie can't wait to represent the Bearden Josey Team during the 2019 tri season and anywhere she can!

    Sophie Morand

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    Sheryl is the chief financial and operations officer and vice chancellor for finance and adimistration/Senior Woman Administrator for athletics at the University of South Carolina Upstate. She has always been active and involved in sports. She played college basketball, high school softball, and coached Upward baseball and basketball for several years. Sheryl started cycling in the summer of 2015 to maintain a healthy lifestyle, meet others and just have fun. 

    Sheryl Turner-Watts

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    Karen started cycling in 2011 after signing up for a triathlon and realizing that her old hybrid/mountain bike wasn’t going to allow her to be competitive. As a former tennis player and runner, she decided that cycling was going to be less painful on her joints. Once she found like-minded cyclists to ride with, cycling became a way of life. She cycles 3-5 times a week or as often as the weather permits. She enjoys road cycling, tandem cycling and recently started mountain biking. Her son says that she is “addicted to cycling.” Some accomplishments include the 123 mile Silver Comet Trail and riding 3 centuries in 3 days in 2016.

    As an RN, Karen likes to promote all health related activities and cycling with the Bearden-Josey team is a good way to promote healthy lifestyles for women.

    Karen Rowe

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    Rene was bestowed emeritus status in 2018. She moved to Spartanburg and worked diligently with the Bearden-Josey Center and others to secure sponsorship for and create the women's team in 2014. A breast cancer survivor herself, the team has been an important part of her life and she is responsible for recruiting the founding and original members. We are grateful for her passion and commitment to women's health and wish her well in her future adventures! 

    Rene McCurdy

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    Juli first fell in love with the outdoors on long childhood hikes with her father. Over the years, she participated in basketball, tennis and track. While raising 4 small children, she took up running and participated in many 5K races over the years. With encouragement from a Bearden-Josey member, Juli bought a belated birthday bike and road in the 2018 Tour de Paws ride! She immediately fell in love with the sport. The encouragement and help from so many (not just the team but the cycling community as a whole) is uplifting and contagious. Juli truly believes cycling is one of the best decisions she has ever made. There is so much more than just cycling- friendships, comradery, beautiful scenery, the opportunity to raise awareness for many great causes, and of course the exercise.

    Married for over 25 years, Juli is the mother of four amazing individuals. She is honored to be a part of the team and is excited to pass on the help and encouragement that she has experienced. 

    Juli Rivers

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    Jennifer began riding as a way to stay busy and as a new challenge after her twins left for college in the Fall of 2014. Jennifer was previously an aerobics instructor and has continued regular exercise throughout the years. Not only has she accomplished the Assault on Mt Mitchell, she has ridden to Marion twice. Joining the Bearden-Josey Women's Cycling team and becoming a board member on the Freewheelers of Spartanburg has given her the opportunity to make lifelong friendships that would not have been possible.

    Jennifer Britanisky

  • Lisa has been running and cycling since childhood. She started competitively running in high school and was on the cross country and track teams at Tufts University.

    Her first love of cycling began with mountain biking where she participated at Expert level in the North Carolina Cane Creek series and adventure races. After moving to SC she focused on road cycling and has raced as well as participated in endurance events including the local Assault on Mt. Mitchell ride where she has finished in the top three female cyclists multiple times. She enjoys riding with fellow Bearden-Josey teammates as well as the local Spartanburg Freewheelers. She currently serves as webmaster for the  Bearden-Josey team as well as the Spartanburg Freewheelers.

    Lisa Rodman

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    Ronni began walking in 2009 after losing a close family member to poor health and has continued to be active. Walking led to jogging and jogging (along with her brother's encouragement) led to cycling. Cycling by far is her activity of choice. She strives to ride an average of 120 miles per week, weather permitting, and supplements riding by working out in the gym during the winter months. She enjoys meeting other cyclists and has developed many close friends by participating in the sport.

    She has participated in the Assault on Mt Mitchell twice and the Assault on Marion four times. She has also ridden the Silver Comet Trail from Smyrna, GA to the Alabama state line twice. She's a Freewheeler member and joined the Bearden-Josey team in January 2016. She plans to continue to ride strong and encourage others to consider cycling as their hobby as well.

    Reynalda Christopher

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    Suzanne began cycling about 20 years ago in order to compete in sprint triathlons. After a long hiatus, in the spring of 2013 she dusted off her trusty Trek and hit the road...alone. That didn't last for long though! After being introduced to the wonderful cycling community in Spartanburg, she made it her mission to be at as many rides per week as possible. Combining exercise, the great outdoors, and socializing in one wonderful activity, Suzanne had found her raison d'etre!

    The Assault on Mt Mitchell is one of her proudest accomplishments, finishing both attempts in respectable times. Her real joy, however, comes from participating in the weekly group rides throughout Spartanburg county. The comradery, beautiful landscape, and the great workouts are what keep her coming back for more day after day, week after week!

    Suzanne joined the Bearden-Josey team in 2016 and is looking forward to years of happy cycling ahead!

    Suzanne Keim

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    Laura started cycling two years ago to train for a cross country cycling event, Coast 2 Coast 4 Cancer (C2C4C) benefitting Stand Up 2 Cancer. She met the Bearden-Josey lavender ladies through this training. They were critical not only to her success completing C2C4C, but also in her new found love for cycling. Laura hasn't stopped pedaling since! Laura is married to Phil and has two boys: Cash (9) and Crew (6). Her life is full working full time, raising two active boys, riding, running, and volunteering.

    Laura Humphrey

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    Jennifer learned the importance of physical fitness from her dad, a competitive bodybuilder. During her childhood summers, she could be found on the lake taking turns water-skiing with her dad and grandfather. In her 30's, she began running regularly as a way to stay fit. During her years running she quickly found that competing in endurance events was a great way to stay motivated to train. She completed many half marathons and one full marathon.

    Jennifer's love for cycling began on a beach trip with her family in 2016, when they rented bikes and she rode 20 miles! Around the same time, many of her running friends were taking on a new challenge: the triathlon. She worked on her swim stroke, bought a road bike and competed in 2 sprint triathlons, discovering that cycling was by far, her favorite sport. She began riding in group rides with the Freewheelers of Spartanburg and found a warm and welcoming community of riders.

    Off the bike, you can find Jennifer with her husband and two sons or teaching preschool. She is very excited to join the Bearden-Josey team and hopes to encourage women in the community as they embark on their own fitness journey.

    Jennifer Weaver

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    Marla found a love for being active in her mid-30's when she joined a neighborhood boot camp comprised of mostly runners. Setting goals and being consistent in her workout routines, she found a whole new level of self-confidence, community, friendships, and body positivity. 

    Marla's interest in cycling came in 2015 when she decided to train for her first triathlon. On a bike loaned by a friend, she started riding with a few other friends and fell in love with the joy of cycling. A Spartanburg native, she has discovered how vast the beauty of the county and surrounding areas are on two wheels. Along the way, many of the Bearden-Josey women encouraged and taught her cycling tips and tricks. This year she plans to ride the Assault on Marion with team members and friends. Marla believes and encourages women to step out of their comfort zone and know that women- no matter what age, size, shape, or fitness level- can accomplish huge goals and dreams. Just keep moving forward!

    Marla Kuhne

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    Sandy has enjoyed cycling for almost 5 years now. She started riding when her friend Nancy, who is a cyclist, encouraged her to find a group to ride with. She started with a group of four ladies. They were all new to cycling, so began training over at USC Upstate to build themselves up so that they could ride with the Watermelon group on Tuesdays. Finally she felt strong enough to give the Watermelon group a try. She found they were very accepting and encouraged new riders. Five years later she finds herself leading the Ice Cream ride every Thursday out of Strawberry Hill. The cycling community is very friendly and look out for each other. She feels blessed to be a part of it.

    Sandy Holliday

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    Jeri is a wife and mother of three. In 2010 she was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis, a rare neuromuscular disease. Her disease proved refractory to standard therapies and her health continued to deteriorate. Between 2010 and 2014, she had numerous stays in the hospital including intensive care due to complications of the disease. In 2013, her husband began cycling regularly. Given her diagnosis, she had little hope that cycling would be possible for her. In 2014, a physician tried a new treatment regimen. Gradually Jeri grew strong enough to not only stay out of the hospital, but also become active again. In the summer of 2016, with the encouragement of her hubby, she participated in her first group ride. Jeri couldn't wait to join the next ride and quickly realized she had fallen victim to the cycling bug.

    Becoming a part of this community of cyclists has encouraged, challenged, and blessed her with wonderful memories and lifelong friendships. In 2018, she was honored to become a member of the Bearden-Josey Cycling team. Her accomplishments include completing the Assault on Marion and conquering her first century ride on the Silver Comet Trail. Jeri hopes to develop into a stronger rider and continue cycling for years to come. She also desires to inspire others to never give up despite the obstacles they may face in life. Just keep pedaling!

    Jeri Richardson


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